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Kylie Christensen, MPH

Title: Director of RUUTE and Regional Affairs

Kylie has been with the RUUTE program since its conception in 2018. Kylie is from St. George Utah and completed her Bachelors and Masters of Public Health at the University of Utah. As the Director, she oversees efforts in Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. She enjoyed meeting with rural/underserved hospital leadership, recruiting and recognizing community providers, and growing programs and opportunities that will benefit rural/underserved communities of Utah and the Intermountain West.


Phone:  801-213-1042

Madelyn Carter, MPH, CPH

Title:  RUUTE & Regional Affairs Associate Director

Madelyn has been with the RUUTE program since May, 2020. Madelyn is from the small town of Castle Dale, Utah. Madelyn has a Masters of Public Health from the University of Utah and is certified in public health. She focuses on engaging medical students as well as working on outreach programs such as the Rural Speaker Series, the Rural Outreach Program (ROP), the RUUTE Community Engagement Experience (CEE), as well as supporting students on their clinical experiences. Madelyn enjoys coordinating and programing with rural providers, and engaging with students to get them excited about RUUTE and the School of Medicine. 


Kacey Madsen, M.Ed

Title: Program Manager: Research, Extracurricular and Outreach

Kacey originally joined the RUUTE team in February 2022 and is from Salt Lake City, Utah with strong connections in Kanab and Big Water, Utah. Kacey has her Masters of Education from University of Phoenix and Bachelors in Human Development & Family Studies. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Education focused in Higher Education from University of Phoenix. Kacey has worked in K-12 education settings and has a passion for creating educational experiences with RUUTE’s pipeline and research programs. She enjoys coordinating and programing the development of the Little RUUTE, Undergraduate Ambassadors, Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), Medical Student Research, and RUUTE Scholar programs with RUUTE.


Randy Hansen, MPH

Title: Rural Education and Outreach Program Manager

Randy started with the RUUTE Program as a Program Coordinator from June 2019 to June 2021, and returned to the program as the Rural Education and Outreach Program Manager. Randy is originally from St. George, UT and completed both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health at the University of Utah. She works closely with medical students and community partners to facilitate the RUUTE Community Engagement Experience (CEE) and Rural Outreach Program (ROP). Randy is very happy to be involved in providing opportunities for rural and underserved communities to medical students at the School of Medicine.


Heather VanOostendorp

Title:  Travel & Clerkship Coordinator

Heather joined the RUUTE team in January 2022 as the Travel & Clerkship Coordinator. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Utah. Heather coordinates medical student rural clerkships and travel arrangements, as well as assisting with RUUTE’s various other programs. She enjoys helping students gain valuable learning experiences as they seek to improve healthcare access in rural and underserved communities throughout Utah.


Alumni Staff

    Eliza Larsen

    Eliza was a member of the RUUTE team from September 2020 to May of 2021. Eliza recently completed her Bachelors from the University of Utah. Eliza was an integral part of the social media team at RUUTE. She helped develop, expand and market social media content through many different avenues. Eliza is now pursuing her Masters of Public Health from Boston University.

    Taylor Dean, MS

    Taylor was with the RUUTE program from October, 2019 to August, 2021. Taylor completed his Bachelors and Masters of Sociology at Utah State University. As a research analyst, Taylor focused on program evaluation and tracking both student outcomes and program outreach efforts. He also helped facilitate research experiences for both undergraduate and medical students. Taylor is passionate for medical education and is working on expanding and developing rural clerkship opportunities and curriculum. Taylor is now working for the Population Health Scholars Program within the Dean's Office at the University of Utah School of Medicine. 

    Kyla McIlwee, MPH

    Kyla was apart of the RUUTE team from September, 2020 to June, 2021. She completed her Bachelors in Kinesiology and Masters of Public Health in California. Serving as the research and program coordinator, Kyla focused on increasing research opportunities between faculty and students as it relates to serving rural and underserved communities. She also helped facilitate research experiences for undergraduate and medical students such as SURE. Kyla helped develop and edit the podcast, M.ED, Medical Education for the Practicing Cliniician. Kyla is now working with a social enterprise focused on teaching adults essential skills through their cellphones.

    Laura Herring

    Laura joined the RUUTE team in November 2020. She completed a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts in Foreign Languages (Spanish) at Mississippi State University. Laura worked with students and motivated them to participate in RUUTE and regional affairs efforts. Laura focused on expanding RUUTE's efforts in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming by coordinating rural outreach programs, developing preceptors in these states, and connecting regional students with RUUTE programs. 

    Elise Longnecker

    Title:  Program and Event Coordinator

    Elise joined the RUUTE team in November 2021 as the Program & Events Coordinator. Elise completed a Bachelor of History at Georgia Gwinnett College. Elise focused on assisting the oversight of first and second year medical student experiences programs and events. Elise spearheaded efforts for the Rural Outreach Program, URISE, Rural Speaker Series, and many other activities for students. Elise also collaborated with the RUUTE research team and made summer experiences fun and memorable for students. Elise created graphics and ran the RUUTE social media accounts and engaged students through the platforms. Elise now works for the University of Vermont School of Medicine.

    Megan Mckay

    Title:  Program Manager: Research, Extracurricular and Outreach

    Megan joined the RUUTE team in October, 2020 as the Outreach Program Coordinator. Originally growing up in rural Vermont, Megan felt called to the desert landscapes of the west and completed her Bachelors in Conservation Biology at the University of Arizona before moving on to Utah. Megan now works for similar efforts at the University of Arizona School of Medicine.

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