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MICA Study (Open for enrollment)


We are conducting a research study examining how different parts of the brain work similarly in adolescent girls and their mother while completing different tasks and how this relates to emotional responses in daily life.

What is the name of the study?
MICA: Multimodal Assessment of Inhibitory Control in High-Risk Adolescents

Teenager girls between the ages of 11 and 16 who have not previously experienced depression are eligible. Mothers, between the ages of 29-65, may or may not have experienced depressive episodes.

What will the study involve?

Both mom and adolescent will complete:
  • Questions about mood and behavior
  • Cognitive and computer testing
  • On-going assessment of depression throughout the next 1.5 years
Just the adolescent will complete:
  • Brain scans using fMRI technology
  • 10-day cell phone survey (tablet will be provided if needed)

What are the benefits?

  • Help advance an important scientific field

Who Should I Contact / How Do I Get Started?
If you are interested in participating in the study or would like more information, please call or text us at (385) 313-0039 or email us at

Interested In Collaborating?

Email Scott Langenecker (

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