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Resources for Suicide Survivors

Surviving the Suicide of a Family Member:  Some Great Resources

The Best Places for Grief Counseling?

Join a National/Local Organization Trying to Reduce Suicide

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) (  They have an annual “Out of the Darkness Walk”  where families and mental health professionals walking together.

American Association of Suicidology (AAS) (

Get their newsletter for survivors and attend their annual conference, which includes both scientists and survivors.

Join a National/Local Organization Supporting Individuals/Families Struggling With Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). They support families in Utah who have a family member struggling with mental illness. They have classes for the individual affected and for family members providing emotional support. They have a “Suicide Survivors Group” who meets, shares, and supports each other.

Find Clinical Services for Mental Health (Therapy and/or Medication)

Start with your insurance company, get a list of providers, find the providers in your area, and talk with your primary care doctor/nurse about recommendations.

No insurance coverage? There are a few places left to help those who are not insured. Try the Polizzi Clinic; they help patients with low income with a sliding scale (affordable). 

What If a Family Member Has a Mental Health Crisis?

(Mental illnesses run in families just like diabetes, asthma, and cancer.)

  • Call 911 in an emergency situation

Call the 24 hour Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 if the patient wants help, and there is a question about the need for hospitalization.

In Salt Lake County, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline may ask the Mobile Crisis Team to come to your home to assess the situation. This includes a mental health worker, specially trained police officer, and a patient advocate.

What if someone is struggling, needs to talk to someone, but is not suicidal? We recommend the calling the Utah Warm Line - 801-587-1055 - at Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly UNI). They have patients who have recovered from their mental illness provide support via phone.

Huntsman Mental Health Institute offers 24 hour crisis evaluations. (Please go to an Emergency Department first, if there are concerns about overdose, recreational drugs, or agitation/violence.)

Learn about Suicide Prevention Programs for Utah Schools

Hope4Utah:  A great school program integrating a specially trained student “Hope Squads” supported by school administration, in collaboration with the local mental health center.

  • NAMI’s school educational program to recognize mental illness: “Hope for Tomorrow” 

Develop a Suicide Prevention Advocacy Role in the State of Utah


Donate Money to Suicide Research

National: AFSP 

University of Utah Suicide Research Team, Department of Psychiatry: call or email Anne Asman, 801-587-9821,