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Postop foot 1
Postop foot 2

Symptomatic hallux valgus is often treated with osteotomy and/or arthrodesis to restore and preserve alignment.


FINDINGS: Postsurgical changes from first metatarsal bunionectomy and hallux valgus realignment. Progressive healing of first proximal and second distal metatarsal head shortening osteotomies with complete osseous bridging. Hardware is intact. 





(Left) Postsurgical changes of first metatarsal bunionectomy and hallux valgus realignment.

(Right) Postsurgical changes of first tarsometatarsal joint arthrodesis.

Postop foot 3

Midfoot trauma and refractory pain related to chronic degeneration may be treated with arthrodesis. 

On follow up imaging, look specifically for hardware fracture and increased lucency surrounding hardware, which  suggest motion. Motion may hinder mature arthrodesis formation. If lucency rapidly progresses, underlying infection should be considered. 


FINDINGS: Postsurgical changes from midfoot arthrodesis. Osseous fragmentation and remodeling of the navicular with increased lucency about the talonavicular screw and third metatarsal screw with associated backout. Fractured screws at the second metatarsal base and middle cuneiform. Partially fused first tarsometatarsal joint.