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Curriculum education in IR is accomplished with a combination of didactic and clinical learning experiences. Students are encouraged to complete 24 clinical and four didactic hours each week. At the completion of the program, the student will have completed a minimum of 700-900 clinical and 120 didactic hours and proven competent in all clinical experience requirements as defined by the ARRT. Students are allowed the flexibility to determine their clinical schedule but should be available to complete a minimum of 24 hours per week.

The IR curriculum was developed utilizing the American Society of Radiologic Technologist (ASRT) and the Association of Educators in the Radiological Sciences, Inc. The following constitutes a basic outline for the curriculum. All courses and clinical education are measured in clock hours.

Introduction to Interventional Radiography

This unit will provide the student with an overview of interventional radiography. Program policies, student responsibilities and an introduction to the basics of interventional radiography imaging techniques, equipment and terminology will be covered.

Patient Care for Interventional Radiography

A series of lectures and discussions will provide knowledge about care giving skills specific to patients undergoing IR exams.

Physical Principles of Interventional Radiography

The physical principles section offers information about data acquisition and processing.

Imaging Procedures

A large portion of the curriculum is dedicated to presenting information about imaging techniques in vascular, body, neurology and others.

Competency Based Clinical Education

Clinical education provides students a competency based educational system that is necessary to become proficient in the entry-level skills required of a IR technologist. The student is required to complete a total of 700-900 clinical hours and the clinical experience requirements as outlined by the ARRT.


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