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Welcome to our Radiography program webpage.  We are in the process of building out the program information as this program is our newest offering for technologist education.
In the meantime, here is our most current information on our program prerequisites:

We now offer a 12-month accelerated certificate program, available to those who have met the program criteria:

Requirements for the program are as follows:

  • Minimum Associate level degree (any major)
  • Courses:  courses may not be older than seven years, with the exception of the math requirement, which can be older.  Course can be from any college or university.  A minimum of C grade or higher is required in all prerequisite courses listed. 
    • Human Anatomy + Lab
    • General Physics
    • Medical Terminology
    • Math (minimum Intermediate Algebra, or higher)
  • Patient Care experience (80 hours minimum)
    • Patient care experience can be from previous healthcare work.
    • This can be from either volunteer work or current/previous work in a healthcare/clinical setting
    • It should be direct patient care, where you were involved working with patients directly and other healthcare staff.  Examples    include, but are not limited to: CNA, MA, Phlebotomy, Public/Social/Community health settings.
    • If looking for volunteer work, you should contact hospitals, clinics and/or free clinics in your area to find opportunities that may work.

For application information, please visit our “How To Apply” page.

We are working to update all of our programs at this time and hope to have a full site for you soon. 

Thank you,

Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences