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Observation experience in our department allows us to receive a first glance at all prospective applicants.  Information from your experience will be relayed to the admissions committee and is utilized during the selection process.  Some notes on our observations: 

  1. Observations are a required part of the application process for our Nuclear Medicine Technology, Ultrasonography, MRI Primary Pathway, and our Radiography programs.
  2. For CT, Mammography and the MRI post-primary pathway programs observation is not required but you may submit a general request and we will accommodate them as best as possible. 

Employees of University of Utah Health: Please complete the observation application as well for our tracking purposes.  You will be able to select if you are employee and that will fast-track your application for approval, as you will not need to resubmit most of the documents. 

Observation Application

Please visit our new Observation Application to complete the required forms.  Please note that you will be required to submit copies of certain immunizations.
Additional note: 

  • For sponsor information: Please select option two, “I am working with a coordinator…”
    • In the dropdown space please put my name: Otto Casal
  • Shadow date: Please place some date in the future.  Once your application is approved, we will identify a date that works for both you and the technologist you’ll be observing. 
  • Reason for Shadowing: Please indicate which modality you are interested in and whether your request is for a general observation or if you are requesting for part of the application process.

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