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Observation experience in our department allows us to receive a first glance at all prospective applicants.  Information from your experience will be relayed to the admissions committee and is utilized during the selection process.  A few quick notes about our observations:

  1. The Ultrasonography and Nuclear Medicine Programs require the observation experience as part of the application process.
  2. Our CT, MRI, and mammography programs do not require this for application but applicants often will request and we will accommodate them as best as possible.

Employees of University of Utah Health: Please complete the Shadow Application as listed below.  You will also need to be current on your immunizations, including influenza and COVID-19. If you are unsure, please submit your immunization documents that you have and our Employee Health Office will conduct a review.  Any that are due for update or missing can be scheduled for update through Employee Wellness.

Observation Application

Prior to your observation we require that you complete the shadow application, HIPAA presentation, visitor confidentiality form and provide immunization documentation.  All documents are contained in the Observation Application. Please note that we do require copies of your immunization records as part of this application process, please send them along with the application once complete.  Please also return to Otto Casal at: , not to the email address listed on the application to avoid delays in processing your observation paperwork.

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