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Ultrasonographer Program Prerequisites and Tuition


University of Utah Health Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences offers two certificate pathway options for interested candidates.  You must meet only ONE of the two following, to become eligible for the application: 

Post-Primary Pathway:

Applicants eligible for selection include individuals who have successfully passed one or more of the following certification categories:

  • Radiography (ARRT)
  • Radiation Therapy (ARRT)
  • University of Utah Health Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences offers two certificate pathway options for interested candidates.  You must meet only ONE of the two following, to become eligible for the application: 
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology (ARRT or NMTCB)

Primary Pathway:

To be eligible for the Ultrasonography Program primary path, you must have obtained at least an bachelor’s degree by the start of the program session you’re applying for. In addition, you must have successfully completed the following courses and earning a minimum of a C grade:

  • Human Anatomy + Lab 
  • Human Physiology + Lab 
  • Elementary/General Physics 
  • Medical Terminology 
  • Math (Intermediate Algebra, or higher) 
  • Patient Care experience (80 hours minimum)
    o    Patient care experience can be from previous healthcare work.
    o    This can be from either volunteer work or current/previous work in a healthcare/clinical setting
    o    It should be direct patient care, where you were involved working with patients directly and other healthcare staff.  Examples    include, but are not limited to: CNA, MA, Phlebotomy, Public/Social/Community health settings.
    o    If looking for volunteer work, you should contact hospitals, clinics and/or free clinics in your area to find opportunities that may work

*These courses must be completed within last seven years, the exception is the math requirement, which can be older. 

If you have questions on whether a course you took previous will satisfy any of these requirements please reach out to the program administrator, Otto Casal (


Our Ultrasonography program has quickly become quite popular, which in turn increases the competitiveness between candidates.  Here is some additional insight for applicants: 

Radiography Candidates

Earning certification in radiography before moving into sonography is the traditional track for application. Radiographers will come with one to two years of direct patient care experience in a clinical setting which typically makes them strong candidates.  For those applying with radiography certification there are no additional courses required but we will look to see how much time, if any, has been spent doing observation in ultrasound departments.  

Bachelor’s Degree Candidates

Our program will accept any major earned from your undergraduate career however, all candidates must successfully complete the five courses listed above (whether those courses were part of your major or not) prior to start date of program.  In addition, candidates applying with a bachelor's degree should be able to demonstrate direct patient care experience either through employment or volunteer work in a clinical setting.  Examples are CNA, MA, phlebotomy, etc.  We do not have a specific number of hours required but it should be sufficient to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities of day-to-day clinical work.  Candidates are also strongly encouraged to complete observation in an ultrasound department so that the candidate is aware of what the job truly entails.  


The tuition for the 2025-26 program session will be TBD.  Payment plan is available and can be discussed with program administrators prior to the program start.

Note: There are no federal loans, PELL grants or international student visas available for this program.

Additional Fees

The following are approximate costs and are subject to changes:

  • Lab coats/Scrubs: $100.00
  • Parking pass: $270.00 (price may change each academic year)
  • Textbooks: $300.00 (approximately)
  • SPI examination: $225.00
  • Abdominal specialty examination: $250.00
  • OB/GYN specialty examination: $250.00
  • Trajecsys (Student Tracking Program): $100.00


Scholarships for educational expenses are not available through the University but may be available from sonography societies.

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