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2023 Keynote Speakers



Chuck Maxfield1

“Development and evolution of a multi-institutional research cooperative studying radiology resident education.”
THOMAS M. GRIST, MD, FACRTom Grist1 "Promoting innovation within your team:  Lessons learned from 40 years in MRI" 
MATTHEW F. GLASSER, MD, PhDMatthew Glasser1 “Lessons from the Human Connectome Project that Inform Clinical Neuroradiology”







2021 Keynote Speakers

Roderick Pettigrew, MD, PhD


Dr. Pettigrew is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Engineering Health (EnHealth) and executive dean for Engineering Medicine (EnMed) at Texas A&M University, in partnership with Houston Methodist Hospital. Dr. Pettigrew also holds the endowed Robert A. Welch Chair in Medicine. An internationally recognized leader in biomedical imaging and bioengineering, Dr. Pettigrew served for 15 years as the founding director for the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) at National Institutes of Health (NIH). Prior to his appointment at the NIH, he joined Emory University School of Medicine as professor of radiology and medicine (cardiology) and Georgia Institute of Technology as professor of bioengineering. He is known for pioneering work in four-dimensional imaging of the cardiovascular system using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Yves Lussier, MD

Yves Lussier

Dr. Lussier is the Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah. Prior to coming to Utah, he was the Associate Vice President for Health Sciences and Chief Knowledge Officer at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. There, he served as Director for the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics and Associate Director for Informatics at the university’s Bio5 Institute. 

2021 Emerging Investigator Presenters


Steven Allen, PhD, Brigham Young University

“Nanofluids and Knifeless Surgeries”


Erpeng Dai, PhD, Stanford University

“Probing Brain Microstructure and Structural Connectivity with Advanced Diffusion MRI”


Philip K. Lee, Stanford University

"Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Patients With Their Own Personal Magnet"

Xiaodong Ma

Xiaodong Ma, PhD, University of Minnesota

“Quick and Easy 7T MRI scan: Reduce the B1 Artifacts Using AI”

Sumner Norman

Sumner Norman, PhD, California Institute of Technology

“Listening to Brain Function”

Theresa Pham

Theresa Pham, MD, University of Utah

“Perceptual Training on Formulating a Gestalt Impression of an Image Using a ‘Second Look’” 

Efrat Shimron

Efrat Shimron, PhD, University of California Berkeley

“Subtle Inverse Crimes: When AI is Overly Optimistic” 

Tyler Smith thumb

Tyler Smith, MD, University of Utah

“In Search of Ionizing Imaging without DNA Damage”

Anna Sorace

Anna Sorace, PhD, University of Alabama

“Imaging the tumor microenvironment to personalize cancer treatment”

Lauren Watkins

Lauren Watkins, Stanford University

“Form Follows Function in Osteoarthritis: A Tale Taken from PET + MRI"

Moss Zhao

Moss Zhao, PhD, Stanford University

“Blood Flow Elevated: Predicting Stroke”

2020 Keynote Speakers

David Bluemke

David Bluemke, MD, PhD

University of Wisconsin, Editor of Radiology 

Greg Zaharchuk

Greg Zaharchuk, MD, PhD

Stanford University


2020 Emerging Investigator Presenters

Hemant Aggarwal

Hemant Aggarwal, PhD, University of Iowa

“Joint model-based learning for optimized sampling in parallel MRI”

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen, PhD, Stanford

“Deep Learning Enhancement of Ultra-low Injected Dose Amyloid PET/MRI”

Li Chen

Li Chen, University of Washington

“Fully automated and Robust Analysis Technique for Popliteal Artery Vessel Wall Evaluation (FRAPPE) using Neural Network Models from Standardized Knee MRI”

Shadi Esfahani

Shadi Esfahani, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

“Hyperpolarized [1-13C]Pyruvate Magnetic Resonance Imaging For Evaluation of Early Response to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition Therapy in Gastric Cancer”

Christopher Pacia

Christopher Pacia, Washington University in St. Louis

“Feasibility and safety of focused ultrasound-enabled liquid biopsy in the brain of a porcine model”

Jessica Santana

Jessica Santana, Yale

“Non-Invasive Molecular Imaging allows Characterization of Immune Response following Hepatic Radiofrequency Ablation in a Mouse Model”

Olivia Sehl

Olivia Sehl, University of Western Ontario

“Combining iron- and fluorine-based MRI with magnetic particle imaging to monitor the delivery of mesenchymal stem cells and the ensuing inflammation in vivo”

Xingfeng Shao, PhD

Xingfeng Shao, PhD, USC

“Mapping water exchange across the blood-brain barrier using three-dimensional diffusion-prepared arterial spin labeled perfusion MRI”

Kelly Smart

Kelly Smart, PhD, Yale

“Variation in relative acetylcholine concentration across the human brain detected with PET receptor occupancy studies”

Nan Wang

Nan Wang, UCLA/Cedars Sinai Health System

“Initial Clinical Study on Plaque Analysis Using Quantitative Multi-Contrast Atherosclerosis Characterization (qMATCH) of Atherosclerosis”


2019 Keynote Speakers

Mike Good

Michael Good, MD

Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
Dean, School of Medicine
CEO, University of Utah Health
The University of Utah

Ruth Carlos

Ruth Carlos, MD, MS, FACR

Professor, University of Michigan
ARRS President
JACR Editor-in-Chief
RSNA Research Committee Chair

Min Xian

Min Xian, PhD

Associate Professor of Computer Science
University of Idaho


2019 Emerging Investigator Presenters

Bar-Zion, Avinoam

Bar-Zion, Avinoam, PhD, Caltech

"Genetically Encodable Nuclei for Ultrasound-Guided Inertial Cavitation"

Chaudhari, Akshay

Chaudhari, Akshay, PhD, Stanford

"5-Minute Quantitative Double-Echo in Steady-State in Knee MRI: Combining an Efficient Multi-Contrast Acquisition with Quantitative Imaging and Artificial Intelligence"

Fletcher, Stecia-Marie

Fletcher, Stecia-Marie, MSci, Sunnybrook Research Institute/University of Toronto

"Transvertebral detection of microbubble emissions for monitoring ultrasound mediated blood-spinal cord barrier opening"

April Griffith

Griffith, April, MD, University of Utah

"Towards the development of CT thermometry to assess thermal ablations: evaluation of model reproducibility and temperature predictions in water baths"

Guo, Zijia

Guo, Zijia, University of Utah

"Theoretically-exact filtered-backprojection reconstruction from real data on the line-ellipse-line trajectory"

Hinckley, Peter

Hinckley, Peter, MD, University of Utah

"CTP improves accuracy, interrater reliability and detection speed over CTA alone in detection of large vessel occlusions"

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson, University of Utah

"Longitudinal Registration for Voxel-wise Correlation of MRgFUS Treatment Assessment Metrics"

Ong, Frank

Ong, Frank, PhD, Stanford

"Extreme MRI: Reconstructing Hundred-Gigabyte Volumetric Dynamic MRI from Non-Gated Acquisitions"

Prasad, Bibin

Prasad, Bibin, PhD, UT Southwestern

"Harnessing the power of alternating magnetic fields for non-invasive treatment of metal implant infections"

Shi, Luyao

Shi, Luyao, Yale

"Attenuation Map Synthesis for SPECT and PET Imaging Using Deep Learning"

Smith, Tyler

Smith, Tyler, MD, University of Utah

"Retrospective Evaluation of Extracellular Matrix Enterocutaneous Fistula Plugs for Enteric Fistula Closure"

Tian, Ye

Tian, Ye, University of Utah

"Whole heart ungated myocardial perfusion imaging with steady-state radial SMS readout and without magnetization preparation"

John Walsh

John Walsh, Yale

"Longitudinal quantitative multimodal imaging of the acidic microenvironment during tumor progression in glioblastoma"

Williams, Lauren

Williams, Lauren, University of Utah

"The invisible breast cancer: Paying attention to a specific task can blind radiologists to unexpected abnormalities"