Study Resources

We provide a number of study resources to help students succeed academically and cope with the stresses of medical school. Our resources include:

  • NBME practice vouchers,
  • LASSI test,
  • preparation for board exams,
  • study spaces, and
  • wellness services.

NBME Practice Vouchers 

The Academic Success Program provides each third year student one practice shelf exam voucher per clerkship (excluding Pediatrics and Family Medicine). These vouchers will be emailed at the beginning of each clerkship.

These vouchers should be used mid-clerkship to assess strengths and opportunities for improvement in preparation for each shelf exam. 

The Academic Success Program offers course, clerkship, and board exam textbooks and study guides that are available for checkout. 

Learning & Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) 

The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory or LASSI is research-based assessment designed to help students improve academic and study skills.

The LASSI is a 10-scale, 60-item assessment of students' awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill, will, and self-regulation components of strategic learning.

It allows students to identify strengths and opportunities related to the following areas: 

  • anxiety,
  • attitude,
  • concentration,
  • information processing,
  • motivation,
  • selecting main ideas,
  • self-testing,
  • study aids,
  • test strategies, and
  • time management.

Students can take LASSI online. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Why Should I Take the LASSI? 

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that these factors contribute significantly to success and that they can be learned or enhanced through educational interventions such as learning and study skills courses.

The Academic Success Program administers LASSI to all first year medical students. We also provide individual and group coaching to help analyze and use results to improve academic performance. 

When Is LASSI Administered? 

LASSI is administered by ASP at the days/times to be established.

Board Exams Prep 

We help students with steps one and two of registration for board exams. We also provide prometric orientation materials.

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