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Of the many professional activities that students engage in to advance their careers, interviewing is probably one of the most important. Students have studied for thousands of hours, endured many tests, and yet, the activity of a few hours of talking with interviewers plays a significant role in whether or not a student will actualize an opportunity post-graudation. The interview is close to the finish line, and it’s important to finish strong.

Doing well in interviews requires preparation. Review the reflections you have done in medical school and develop a coherent message regarding your strengths, accomplishments, and purpose. Set aside time to prepare your stories and responses so that when you are interviewing, your responses are smooth and conversational.

As part of your preparation, please consider the following:

  • Check your wardrobe and have well-fitting interviewing outfits
  • Reflect on your professional journey and be prepared to tell your story
  • Reflect on your main strengths and examples to support them
  • Review potential behavioral and fit questions and develop strategies to answer them
  • Conduct background research into the specialty and organization you are interviewing with
  • Prepare questions for the interviewer(s)
  • Schedule mock interview sessions to practice and hone your interviewing skills

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