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Idaho Residents

Welcome to the information page for applicants and medical students who are residents of Idaho. The University of Utah School of Medicine has a contract with the State of Idaho that ensures that 10 Idaho residents are accepted to the School of Medicine each year.

As an Idaho student there are opportunities and benefits that students can take advantage of throughout their medical school career.

ty foster“I’ve been abundantly blessed in other ways as well through the U’s Idaho program. Right off the bat, it gave me a group of people that I shared some things in common with. Then, there were opportunities to reach out to rural Idaho and rural Utah that helped me to see how being in the medical field gives me the chance to give back to communities. Later, the chance to go back to an Idaho rotation for family medicine was better than I imagined.

I didn’t realize that I held additional value for my preceptor because I got the local culture, customs, and understood people’s lifestyles there already. The training that I got from the U in the first two years of medical school had prepared me very well for working in family medicine so I brought value to my preceptor in that way too. Together, my knowledge of rural Idaho and U medicine packed a powerful punch that helped me secure a very solid foundation in the practical application of medicine.”

Tyrel Foster, MSIV
Rigby, ID


Laura Herring
RUUTE Program Coordinator -
Idaho & Regional Affairs

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