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Required Prerequisite Courses:

(Classes in parentheses are prerequisite examples.)

The Cardiovascular Perfusion Program utilizes the University of Utah Slate Application System. This system is new and will be available in July 2023.

When applying, please follow the pre-requisite requirements  listed below and also: 

  • Provide a Personal Statement
  • Submit unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts are not required. 
  • The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is not required. 

Completion of a bachelor’s level or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university

  • Minimum cumulative GPA and science GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.00
  • Three letters of recommendation (Letters can be from any person who can attest to the applicant’s capacity and potential for graduate studies)
  • Completion of the required prerequisite courses at a regionally accredited college or university. All prerequisites must be completed with a C or better. Grades of C- are not acceptable for any prerequisite courses
  • Prerequisite Courses Required:

There are NO expiration dates on any of the prerequisite courses, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that anatomy and physiology be taken within the last 7 years. This is to help the accepted student be ready for the rigorous anatomy and physiology requirements while in the CVP program. If accepted, the CVP program MAY require that the student take a refresher anatomy and physiology course before entering their first year of didactic learning.

  • Completion of the program’s interview process
  • Passage of the University of Utah criminal background check and drug screenings

For competitive admissions, the CVP program highly recommends:

  • Shadowing of a perfusionist
  • Applicants with experience in the medical field with one-on-one patient involvement are highly encouraged to apply.
  • If you have the opportunity to shadow a perfusionist, you can utilize this Perfusion Observation Verification Form for documentation of the observed procedure.  Print the document and bring it with you for the observed perfusionist to sign.

All students admitted into the University of Utah Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion (CVP) program will be required to provide medical documentation for the following:

  • Signed Health Policies Agreement
  • Immunization Records
  • Background check within 1 year
  • Drug screen within 1 year (completed on campus within the first month of didactic coursework)
  • Proof of personal Health Insurance (current)
  • Proof of ACLS/BLS