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The University of Utah GME program offers a robust Wellness Program for all GME trainees. In addition to this, the General Surgery Residency Program has also implemented a number of wellness measures for all of our residents.


Opt-Out Wellness Check In

In coordination for the GME Wellness program, the residency provides every resident with an opportunity to take an afternoon of protected time during which they are invited  and encouraged to schedule an appointment with one of the therapists in the GME Wellness Center. The residents are not required to return to clinical work after this session. These appointments are strictly confidential, and the program director and faculty do not know which residents meet with the therapists. Residents can op-out of the visit with the therapist and still use the time for their own wellness with no questions asked. This program is fully supported by the program director, the chief of the Division of General Surgery and the chair of the Department of Surgery. Through this effort we hope to decrease the stigma around mental health, normalize the use of the GME wellness resources and increase the wellbeing of both residents and faculty.

3rd Wednesday Resident Protected Time

All residents have protected time in the morning of the 3rd Wednesday of each month. This time can be used for academic, administrative or personal concerns.

Snack Program

The Division of General Surgery provides snacks for the residents in the general surgery call rooms.

Mountain Challenge and Beyond:

The Mountain Challenge is a resident-lead friendly competition designed to bring residents and faculty together out of the hospital and outdoors in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Starting this year, the program is working to expand the opportunities for residents and faculty to socialize outside the hospital in different venues such as art museums and cooking classes. Stay tuned!

Mindset Matters:

This is an elective program during which small groups of residents meet monthly over lunch to explore the meaning of medicine and to share experiences and support one another through the rigors of residency and beyond.


One of the greatest contributors to wellness at the University of Utah is the natural environment of Utah. Even if you are not an outdoor enthusiast, it is had to not be inspired and rejuvenated by the panoramic scenery, the mourntain vistas, and the amazing sunsets.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education

is committed to ensuring that residents and fellows remain physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy while completing their training program. Check out the many resources on their Wellness Overview Page.

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