Division of Pediatric Surgery

Mission of the Division

"The child first and always" is the motto and the motivating spirit within the Primary Children's Hospital. This ideal is embraced and considered a professional commitment by the pediatric surgeons.

The division is committed to the following goals:

  1. To provide the highest level of surgical care for children that can be attained with present-day knowledge and techniques
  2. To provide a unique pediatric surgery training experience for pediatric surgical fellows and general surgical residents
  3. To maintain interest, faculty involvement, and financial support of clinical and basic science research related to the surgical problems of children

Latest News

Nov 11, 2021

Utah Fetal Center opening at Primary Children's Hospital

pediatric surgery

Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital is celebrating the opening of the Utah Fetal Center. Intermountain Healthcare reports that the fetal center will be a state-of-the-art fetal care center at Primary Children's. The intent is to care for mothers with complex pregnancies. This care may even include surgical intervention in utero.... Read More

Utah Fetal Center: High-Risk Pregnancy Care in One Place
Feb 01, 2021

Utah Fetal Center: High-Risk Pregnancy Care in One Place

pediatric surgery

High-risk pregnancies require a team of experts to address both child and mother's needs before, during, and after delivery. Dr. Stephen Fenton is the founder and director of the Utah Fetal Center at Primary Children's Hospital. Dr. Fenton talks about some of the high-risk conditions the center treats, how it helps coordinate all aspects of care, and what to expect as a patient.... Read More

Teen Surgery for Pectus Excavatum
Mar 01, 2019

Teen Surgery for Pectus Excavatum

pediatric surgery, pectus excavatum

When Brock Jones took his shirt off at a pool party with some friends last summer, he didn’t think twice about his sunken chest cavity—until a friend pointed it out. “Why is there a big hole in your chest?” Brock’s friend asked in front of everyone at the party. He looked down and then compared his chest with his friends; nobody else’s chest looked anything like Brock’s. ... Read More


Eric Scaife, MD, Chief Surgeon

Eric Scaife

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Message From Our Fellowship Program Director

Brian T. Bucher, MD

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