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We have a busy infertility and men’s health program. We are the only academic program for 300+ miles in any direction and have the only fellowship trained andrologist & reconstructive urologist in Utah. We have a unique structure whereby we have created an integrated practice unit in which the REI division of OBGYN, male infertility and men’s health are all housed together and function as one unit of which Dr. Hotaling is one of the medial directors. We have historically had a shared reconstructive urology and andrology/men’s health fellowship (shared equally between Drs Hotaling and Myers) which has taken one fellow a year since 2016 and are splitting the fellowship into two fellowships in 2019. The fellow will have robust clinical training in the medical and surgical management of male infertility, Peyronie's, prosthetics, and the clinical aspects of IVF and an andrology lab.

Men's Health Program Vision: Helping men lead the lives they want.

Men's Health Program Mission: University of Utah Men's Health understands sexual and reproductive health are connected to men's overall well-being. It's why our mission is driven by a comprehensive approach to innovation, pioneering research, and adopting new technologies — all leading to life-changing outcomes.


We have a very active research program which spans basic, translational, epidemiologic and clinical trials research. The fellow will have exposure to expertise in the genetics and epigenetics of male infertility, translational research profiling spermatogonial stem cells and access to large volumes of data from NIH sponsored trials run out of Utah. Finally, the fellow will access to a statistician, database programmer, IRB coordinator and a demographer for research with the Utah Population Database (UPDB). The UPDB has been compared to the Hubble telescope for human health and consists of the entire Utah population with an IRB approved database to study male infertility with over 1,700,000 records.

Fellowship Program

The andrology and men’s health fellowship will enable the fellow to learn cutting edge medical and surgical techniques of all aspects of andrology and men’s health.  It will also encompass a broad spectrum of research, the administrative and business aspects of setting up a clinical program in infertility/men’s health and exposure to reproductive endocrinology and infertility.  It will facilitate the fellow’s ability to set up a productive infertility/men’s health practice after graduation and set them up to be a leader in research and clinical care in these fields.  This will include:

  • Understanding of the pathophysiology of male infertility
  • Comprehensive medical management of male infertility with exposure to syndromes such as Klinefelter’s and Kallman’s
  • Ability to understand female infertility, interface with REIs and optimize referral patterns
  • Understanding the pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction and the nuances of medical management of ED (oral medications and penile injections)
  • Understanding of the genetic and epigenetic basis of infertility and erectile dysfunction
  • Comprehensive surgical training in male infertility with ability to perform numerous microTESE, TESE, varicocele, and vasectomy reversal procedures
  • Performance of office-based procedures such as TESE, TESA and PESA under local anesthesia
  • Performance of microsurgical cord denervations
  • Surgical techniques for virgin and revision penile prosthetics with exposure to corporal excavation, adjunct maneuvers to optimize device placement and cases involving concurrent plication and grafting for Peyronie’s disease.
  • Ability to independently perform vasectomy
  • Penile Doppler ultrasound training to enable the fellow to perform and interpret doppler studies
  • Performance and interpretation of scrotal ultrasounds
  • Understanding of the pathophysiology and progression of Peyronie’s disease
  • Management of complex Peyronie’s cases in an office-based setting including penile injections and medical management of this condition
  • Surgical management of Peyronie’s disease including plications, grafting and concurrent penile prosthesis placement with these procedures
  • Exposure to clinical trials in erectile dysfunction and male infertility
  • Exposure to transgender surgery program developed by Drs Hotaling and Myers
  • Exposure to placement of AUS and male slings with Dr. Myers
  • Ability to mentor medical students, research fellows and residents from the inception to completion of research projects
  • Understanding the inner workings of a clinical andrology lab and the performance and interpretation of a semen analysis

Program Director

Contact Us

For more information, contact the following:

Elizabeth Royall
Urology Fellowship Coordinator 
Phone: 801-585-2616