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Urologic residents are formally evaluated at the end of each rotation by all involved faculty members. In addition, all residents are evaluated twice a year. These semi-annual written evaluations are then reviewed personally with the resident by the Urology Program Director or Chief. The annual AUA in-service examination is taken each November by all residents; results of this are reviewed by the Program Director/Chief with each resident individually.

The urologic faculty meet monthly and resident assessment is carried out at each meeting. Should there be any evidence of resident emotional stress, drug or alcohol dependency or a resident failing to make expected progress, the problem will be reviewed with the resident. Counseling through the facilities of the University Medical Center is available. Every effort will be made to identify and solve the problem. A resident could be put on probation or even dismissed, but this will not occur until the problem has been thoroughly evaluated and the resident given ample opportunity to resolve the problem with assistance.

A final evaluation will be provided by the faculty for each resident who completes the training program.