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Teams & Partners

GU-IMPACTS Teams and Partners

The GU-IMPACTS leaders are committed to empowering local surgeons and improving patient outcomes in a way that is measurable, safe and sustainable. Our collaborators and partnerships are a vital part of our mission. To become a partner site or to join or US-based urology volunteer team for any of our partner sites, contact

Our Teams

    Jane Kurtzman, MD

    Visiting Professor, University of Utah

    Jeremy Myers, MD, FACS

    Chief, Division of Urology, University of Utah

    Kevin Hebert, MD, MSCI

    Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

    Frank Burks, MD

    Associate Professor

    Department of Urology, Baumont Health

    Sarah Christianson, DO

    Reconstructive Urologist

    Department of Urology, Intermountain Healthcare

    Kevin Hebert, MD, MSCI

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Urology, Louisiana State University

    Jeremy Myers, MD, FACS

    Division Chief and Professor

    Division of Urology, University of Utah

    Hadley Wood, MD

    Reconstructive Urologist

    Glickman Urological Institute, Cleveland Clinic

    GU-IMPACTS Partners

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