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What is the difference between the Physician Scientist Program (PSTP) offered by the Department of Internal Medicine (Short Track) and StARR program?
PSTP allows qualified candidates to begin their sub-specialty fellowship training in lieu of their third year of residency. In this program you will have a clinical fellowship training and a post-doctoral research training. StARR program doesn’t require a clinical fellowship program.

Can elective months be used for StARR?
Yes, elective months can be used for StARR curriculum. However, more time will be needed to fulfill StARR training.

Will I graduate with my class or take the boards with my graduating class?
Whether or not you are able to graduate or take the boards with your class depends on a number of factors such as your specialty, your prior research training at the time you enroll in the StARR program. How this might apply to you will be discussed with you prior to enrollment.

Will my clinical rotations be off cycle?
Yes, some of your clinical rotations may be off-cycle.

Can I get the Master's Degree of Science or other related degree after completing the course work from StARR?
Completing an additional degree is not a requirement for the StARR program. However, some courses offered as part of the StARR program may be used to fulfill some degree requirements by participants interested in pursuing additional degrees.

Can you apply after deadline?
Considerations for after deadline applications will be assessed on individual basis.

Where can you find the list of mentors?
Please click on the following link.

Do I need to be a USA citizen to participate in StARR program?
By the time of the appointment to the program, you must be a citizen or a non-citizen national of the United States or have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence.

Will my salary change?
Utah StARR scholars' salary is based on the current postgraduate year (PGY) salary structure at the institution. PGY salaries typically incur a 3% cost of living increase each fiscal year.

If I enroll in StARR, would I be eligible to apply to the loan-forgiveness program?
Because the recruitment and training of clinician-researchers is such a high priority at the current time, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has implemented a loan-forgiveness program for doctors who commit to a career in clinical research. Individuals in the StARR program may consider applying for the loan-forgiveness program when their residency is completed and they are in a faculty position.