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Anesthesiology Bioengineering Laboratory


Simulation Research

Peri-operative Data Mining

Gas Delivery & Sensing

The laboratory is involved in the development and testing of medical devices for use during anesthesia and intensive care. It has facilities for simulation, animal testing and clinical studies. Through close interaction between bioengineers, anesthesiologists, and critical care physicians, numerous drug delivery systems and monitoring devices are being developed for patient care.

Mission Statement

We aspire to design, develop and apply bioengineering technology to create and improve medical devices and to improve medical care. We will provide educational opportunities for residents and graduate students through the application of engineering technology. We will apply computer graphics, information visualization techniques, neural networks, software, hardware/firmware engineering and signal processing to address problems in anesthesia and critical care. We will develop missing link technologies. We will partner with industry to bring solutions to the patient bedside.


The Anesthesiology Bioengineering Laboratory was established in 1976 at the Department of Anesthesiology, University of Utah Health. To date, the cumulative research in this laboratory has resulted in the ME, MS, or PhD of over 95 graduate students in biomedical engineering and medical informatics at the University of Utah.