The Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Utah School of Medicine exists to train the anesthesiologists of the future, to provide first-class clinical anesthesia services and to advance the frontiers of scientific knowledge in subjects related to anesthesia.


The heart of our mission is the training of the highest quality physician anesthesiologists. The Department is committed to selecting and educating individuals who are capable of practicing anesthesia in any and all conditions. To achieve this objective the Department uses all available technological and informational resources to provide the highest quality didactic and clinical education for its resident trainees. Because of our dedication to producing well trained clinicians, we hold our residents to high standards of clinical, academic, and ethical performance. We commit to the periodic evaluation of our teaching process to insure that our educational goals are being realized.


The Department of Anesthesiology will adhere to a high standard of clinical excellence in the care of all patients. Towards this end, the technical skill, clinical judgment, and ethical conduct of our faculty are expected to be beyond reproach not only for the sake of our patients but also to set an example for our residents to emulate. We commit to continually examine our methods to discover ways in which we can improve our patient care.


The Department is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the scientific foundations of anesthesia. As university-based scientists, we see it as our duty to contribute to the greater good of society through the enhancement of scientific knowledge. Our investigators dedicate themselves to producing the highest quality clinical and basic science research and to the maintenance of the highest standards of scholastic excellence