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Standards & Interoperability (S&I) Methods

teaches skills, knowledge and theories for knowledge representation and for semantic interoperability among various data within and across multiple scales. Students must demonstrate competency in

  • representing a variety of data for computation and analytics,

  • implementing biomedical (and other) data standards, terminologies, and ontologies for achieving S&I in various settings,

  • developing biomedical information systems that require S&I (e.g., data integration),

  • exchanging biomedical data in a semantically consistent manner (e.g., Health Information Exchange), and

  • developing novel methods for semantic and metadata discovery and mapping using advanced computing/Big Data approaches. 

Suggested Courses

BMI 6300 - Clinical Decision Support

BMI 6016 - Biomedical Data Wrangling

OIS 6040 - Data Analysis & Decision Making

BMI 6440 - Clinical Information Systems Architecture

CS 6140 - Data Mining

CS 6936 - Learning Semantics for NLP

BMI 6804 - Implementation of Systems in Healthcare settings

IS 6910 - Data Mining in Healthcare



Students have the opportunity to apply for practicums to gain hands-on experience by working a semester with the ReImagineEHR team or a Sociotechnical expertise on an existing project. Must be coordinated with the team/expertise director before registering:

Affiliated Faculty

DBMI: Bruce Bray; Guilherme Del Fiol; Karen Eilbeck; Scott Evans, Intermountain; Julio Facelli; Jennifer Garvin, VA; Ram Gouripeddi; Stan Huff, Intermountain; Ken Kawamoto; Scott Narus, Intermountain.

Non-DBMI: Rick Bradshaw, Intermountain

PhD Application Deadlines

December 1st

Online Application

Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah