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Our Dermatopathology Lab Services

Our Services

The University of Utah Dermatopathology Laboratory offers high quality, comprehensive diagnostic services for exceptional patient care. We offer tissue processing, slide preparation, and diagnosis for both simple and complex dermatological specimens as well as technical-only specimen processing with stain and return service for locations that have their own pathologists on-site.

Our CAP and CLIA-accredited laboratory is operated by State of Utah-licensed technologists and technicians whose many years of experience in the field of dermatopathology combine to produce quality microscopic slides of skin biopsies for H&E, histochemical, and immunohistochemical staining. Our expert team of dermatopathologists review thousands of routine and complex cases per year, making the Dermatopathology Laboratory one of the most experienced laboratories of its specialty in the Western United States.

Services Offered


Full service patient care tool includes specimen kit, tissue processing, diagnostic interpretation, report generation, and billing services.


For locations that have their own pathologists but no laboratory, this service includes specimen kit, tissue processing, slide preparation, technical-only billing services, and return of slides.

Please contact as at 801-581-7139 to request additional information regarding our services.