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Identifying your PEAK DAY of Fertility

Your chances of getting pregnant are not the same every day. Each woman has about six days each cycle when pregnancy is possible. Some changes in your body that you can see and feel can help you identify and predict the days when you are more likely to get pregnant. The purpose of the PEAK DAY study is to evaluate how well women can learn to identify their PEAK DAY of fertility by reading and following the instructions in a simple educational brochure. If we show that women can identify their PEAK DAY of fertility using this simple educational tool, then future studies of fetal development or environmental exposures during pregnancy could use this method rather than relying on expensive laboratory testing.

Participants in the study will receive the educational brochure and sample fertility charts. Each day they will record their observations and then use their observations to identify their PEAK DAY of fertility. Each cycle, the women will complete a one-page questionnaire asking about exposures she might have had on her PEAK DAY of fertility. We will not be taking any blood or other samples to test for exposures during the study.

Research Support

We would like to thank the Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation and the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Health Studies Fund for their support of our study.

Peak Day Brochure

Peak Day Chart


PEAK DAY Investigators
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