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Dr. Hoidal

John R. Hoidal, MD

Chair, Department of Internal Medicine, 2001-2016

John R. Hoidal, MD served as the Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine for 15 years. Dr. Hoidal’s tenure as chair is best described as strategic growth –increasing clinical revenue, research grants, trainees in the residency program, and nearly tripling the number of faculty. As chair, Dr. Hoidal recruited many new faculty, grew clinical and research programs, and expanded a dialysis program spanning the mountain west.

Dr. Hoidal received a medical degree from the University of Minnesota. He interned at the University of Colorado and returned to the University of Minnesota as a resident, chief resident, and then a fellow in pulmonary medicine. In 1983 he moved to the University of Tennessee where he served as professor and director of the pulmonary division.

Dr. Hoidal was recruited to the University of Utah in 1987 where he became the chief of pulmonary/critical care medicine and later the Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Hoidal embodies the ideal of the academic physician. As both a clinician and researcher, Hoidal is tremendously respected, having been repeatedly recognized. His research focuses on the lung inflammation and injury. By gaining insights into biochemical pathways of inflammation and ways to modify them, Hoidal hopes to find better ways to prevent and treat chronic obstructive lung diseases and reduce the risk of other smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer.