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CDC Epicenter

The overarching objective of the CDC Epicenter is to conduct research and lead programs that reduce the burden of healthcare-related infections and other types of adverse events. The Center’s underlying theme is the transformation of the practice of infection control and healthcare epidemiology through effective use of health information technology. Our premise is that real-time surveillance and computerized decision support, when implemented within a framework of system change can drive improved prevention and management of health care-related infections. 

The Center brings together notable strengths in infection control, patient safety, medical informatics, quality improvement, infectious disease epidemiology, behavioral sciences, and public health. The health care and academic institutions that comprise the Center are internationally recognized for their leadership in these areas.

Projects which have been developed to bridge distinct clinical entities will demonstrate the generalizability of the evaluated strategies, not just within Utah, but across other geographic regions [as well]…Our target audience includes infection control practitioners, health care epidemiologists, clinicians, public health personnel, hospital administrators, and chief financial officers of healthcare institutions.

Our ultimate aim is to serve as a powerful instrument of change toward safer, more efficient, and effective delivery of care. Substantially improved patient outcomes through prevention of healthcare-associated infections and other types of adverse events is a reachable goal.


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