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VA HSR Fellowship Overview


BRITE-IDEAS is an interprofessional post-graduate fellowship program. The mission of the program is to develop future VA leaders in health services research (HSR) and to support trainees to achieve independent research careers through mentorship, career development, and experiential learning that focuses on the core competencies of a Learning Healthcare System. Our vision is for a community of mentors, graduates, and trainees in HSR, with the research, leadership, and mentoring skills necessary to cultivate ongoing generations of VA scientists who constantly strive to improve the quality of delivery of care to our Veterans. It is a 2-year paid full-time fellowship through the VA Office of Academic Affiliations. It features a national curriculum for health services research in a LHS, individualized research project development resulting in scholarly products, outstanding mentoring by accomplished local investigators and leaders, and a strong track record of training new scientists. There are specialized tracks for Policy & Health Services Research, Implementation Research, and Informatics in the LHS. For a full list of eligibility requirements or more information, please contact We are currently recruiting to start July 2022.

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