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The StrAtegic PoLicy EvIdence-Based Evaluation CeNTer (SALIENT) will provide evidence that supports implementation of programs and policies based on rigorously conducted evaluations.

SALIENT Overview

Problem Being Addressed

All federal agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, are required to support appropriation requests with evidence and evaluation (US Public Law 115-435; the Evidence Act).

Project Description and Strategies

SALIENT has assembled a team with diverse expertise and follows a guiding framework that facilitates rapid development for planning, producing, and implementing the evaluation plan and key activities.

salient queri

Our Approach

our approach graphic

SALIENT Methods and Approach

salient methods and approach

Key Operations Partners

  • VA Office of Epidemiology
  • National Center for Homelessness Among Veterans
  • Office of Health Equity
  • Office of Connected Care
  • Office of Primary Care
  • Center for Women Veterans
  • National Neurology Program Office
  • National Infectious Disease Service
  • Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • Office of Community Care
  • Office of Rural Health
  • National Surgery Office


Principal Investigator: Mary Jo Pugh PhD, RN
Multiple Principal Investigators: Jolie Haun PhD
P. Jon White MD




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