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Successful Dissertation Defenses - U of U School of Medicine

  • Kevin Breen - Vetter Lab

    • "Surprising effects of myeloid cell manipulation on compartmental neurodegeneration in a model of chronic neurodegeneration"

  • Rob Duncan - Dorsky Lab

    • "Hypothalamic radial glia are self-renewing neural progenitors that require the absence of Wnt signaling for their maintenance"

  • Andrew Haack - Taha Lab

    • "Aversion and Reward: Two opposing drives mediating alcohol-seeking behavior"

  • Adam McPherson - Dorsky Lab

    • "A moving experience: studying dopaminergic neurogenesis in the zebrafish hypothalamus"

  • Andres Romero-Carvajal - Piotrowski Lab

    • "Notching Wnt: How localized signaling interactions control tissue homeostasis and regeneration in mechanosensory organs"

  • Marina Vanero-Galanternik - Piotrowski Lab

    • "Proteoglycan-dependent modulation of cell signaling pathways during collective cell migration"