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Department of Neurosurgery


Application Deadline

The deadline for applications to the neurosurgery training program at the University of Utah for the 2023 match will be mid-October 2023. All applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty members and applicants are chosen to invite out for interviews. We start inviting applicants for interviews via email by late September or early October and our review process is complete by mid-October.

Interview Dates

COVID-19 Alert: We follow the recommendations for residency interviews when available from the two organizations that administer residency applications and the Match—the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). This will be in a virtual format until further notice.

Applications to the Neurosurgery Training Program at the University of Utah must be submitted through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). Our interview dates for the 2022 Match will be announced shortly.

Experience Neurosurgery Service as a Resident 

COVID-19 Alert: For the 2022-2023 academic year, we are committed to follow the guidelines outlined by the Society for Neurological Surgery (SNS) for the transition to residency of medical students. Each neurosurgery applicant will be limited to one (1) external neurosurgery rotation, which must start on or after August 1, 2022.

An exception will be made for students without a home program. Students without a home program should perform 2 rotations of neurological surgery at the closest ACGME accredited program (adopted home program), or 1 rotation at the “adopted home program” and 1 external rotation.

We encourage all interested applicants to spend some time on the neurosurgery service at the university. We are happy to have students participate on our busy service. This will give you an excellent opportunity to experience what it is like to be a neurosurgery resident at the University of Utah. Our Student Affairs Office coordinates our fourth year rotations, and you can obtain an application on their website. For questions regarding that application please call (801) 581-3683.

Our program is very competitive, and we receive applications from many of the top medical students in the country. For the 2022 match, we received over 300 applications and interviewed 53 candidates for our three positions. 24 of those interviews were candidates doing rotations.

Foreign Graduates

These applicants must be qualified for the residency program according to the same criteria used for all applicants to the program. In addition, international graduates must have a valid ECFMG certificate before they can be considered. A J-1 Visa (or citizenship or permanent residency or approval of application for permanent residency) is required for all non-US citizens in a University of Utah training program who provide patient care. For more information, please see our University of Utah Graduate Medical Education policy on Eligibility and Examinations for International Medical Graduates.

Contact Us

Amy Ekins, C-TAGME Academic Program Manager Phone: 801-585-2453 Fax: 801-581-4385 Email: Department of Neurosurgery University of Utah Health Care 175 N. Medical Drive East, 5th Floor Salt Lake City, UT 84132