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The Pathology Department-wide Mentoring Program is a formal and structured Mentoring Program that is designed to provide mentoring support and resources to all faculty in the department. There are many benefits of developing a structured Mentoring Program in addition to the informal mentoring mechanism which is already part of the nature of academic institutions. The Ultimate Goal our program is to promote pathology faculty’s short-term and long-term success and to cultivate a positive and supportive culture at work which can also lead to our faculty’s better performance and wellbeing.

The mission of this Mentoring Program aligns well with that of Department’s initiative and effort on Diversity and Inclusion, that success of each of our faculty regardless your background (gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political learning, professional and personal backgrounds etc.) are critical to the success of the entire Department of Pathology.

In this website, faculty will be provided information about the Mentoring Program and instructions on how to get involved. Additionally, through our website, faculty will gain access to additional mentoring resources/tools, faculty developing opportunities such as those available in the University of Utah campus and School of Medicine (UUSOM). To ensure a smooth on-boarding process of our new faculty, we have also gathered links/websites that you may need at the beginning of your job with the UofU. Please check our website for new updates.

Yuan Ji, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology
Peter Jensen
Peter E. Jensen, MD

ARUP Presidential Professor and Chair        


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