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Frequently Asked Questions

    Participants are required to pay a non-refundable $25 registration fee to reserve their spot in the program. 

    A limited number of reimbursement stipends are available to support housing, travel, and meal costs for students who meet one or more of the following requirements: 

    • Live in a rural community
    • Live more than 75 miles from the University of Utah
    • Experiencing financial hardship

    Eligible participants can apply for a stipend during the application process. If your application is accepted and you are selected to receive a stipend, you will receive additional information about the reimbursement process. 


    Participants are responsible for providing their own accommodations during the program. Eligible participants may apply for a reimbursement/stipend to off-set the cost of hotel, gas, parking and food incurred during the program (e.g, lodging, gas, parking, and meals).

    Participants will be provided with a morning snack and lunch each day. Participants may bring a water bottle to use in the classroom. They may store the water bottle in their assigned locker during the laboratory sessions. For participants with food allergies or a special dietary need that cannot be accommodated, a refrigerator and microwave are available for the participant to store and reheat food during the day. 

    • Participants may drive themselves and park in the South Medical Garage at 5 South 2030 East. Once accepted and registered, participants may request a code to park free of charge in the parking garage. If a student parks in a non-designated area, the MLS Summer Immersion Program will not cover the cost of the parking ticket. 
    • Participants can be dropped off outside the Eccles Health Science Education Building in the parking lot south of the building. 
    • Participants can also travel by UTA Trax and the U Campus Shuttle. Schedules and routes can be found here. Schedules for the University Shuttle can be found here

    Students will be conducting experiments in our Teaching Laboratory. There are regulations pertaining to appropriate clothing in the laboratory. Students must wear the following: 

    1. Long pants or skirts that fully cover the legs and are free of tears, holes, or sheer material. Spandex leggings are discouraged.

    2. Shirts that cover the entire midriff while seated. 

    3. Shoes that cover the entire foot. 

    4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided to participants to wear in the laboratory. 

    Additionally, long hair must be tied back while in the laboratory. Gum, drinks, food, chapstick, cosmetics, and other personal items like cell phones are not permitted in the laboratory and must be stored in a locker. Note: a student may bring a cellphone into the laboratory if it is required for medical reasons. 

    Participants will be provided with a combination locker to use during the program.

    No, University of Utah policy allows children ages 14+ years old to check themselves in and out of the program. The program will have a sign in/out sheet the participant will sign everynday as they arrive and leave. 

    Attendance at the first day of the program (Monday) is mandatory since laboratory safety training will be provided that is required to enter the Teaching Laboratory. Participants are highly encouraged to attend all days of the program, but the activities on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are independent of each other so a participant may miss a day if needed. If a student will miss more than one day of the program, we request that they not participate so their spot can be given to a participant that could attend the entire program. 

    No, to participate in the ARUP Laboratories tour, participants must be at least 16 years old by June 16, 2023. 

    The Division of Medical Laboratory Science offers a "Survey of Medical Laboratory Sciences" course (MD LB 101) in the Spring and Fall that is open to high schools students. College students enrolled at The University of Utah may take MD LB 1010. 

    For more information, please visit the Continuing Education course catalog

    Yes, we accept applications from participants who reside in or are the dependent of someone who resides in the following states: Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Students who reside out of the state are responsible for their own travel and accommodations costs to attend the program, but may apply for a stipend to offset the costs. 

    Yes, we can accommodate most disabilities with advanced notice. If the participant needs accommodations, the program will work with the participant and their guardian before the program to determine the appropriate accommodations. Service animals are not allowed inside ARUP for their own safety, but they can enter the MLS Teaching Laboratory with appropriate safety equipment (provided by the program) and program approval. 

    If you have additional questions that were not answered above, please contact the MLS Summer Immersion Program by email at