Application Procedure

There are three different ways to be admitted into the M&I PhD program:

1. through the interdepartmental Bioscience PhD Programs comprised of the Molecular Biology (MB) and Biological Chemistry (BC) programs
2. through direct admission
3. through the MD/PhD program

1. Admission through the Bioscience PhD Program [Molecular Biology (MB) or Biological Chemistry (BC) track]

The Bioscience PhD Program is an interdisciplinary program across 11 departments at the University of Utah. The first year curriculum is primarily focused on molecular studies and includes 3 lab rotations.  After the 3rd lab rotation you will chose your lab for your thesis research. Upon completion of the capstone exam at the end of the first year, you will directly transfer into the M&I PhD program for your further courses and thesis research.  For more information and application procedure please visit the Bioscience PhD Program website.

2. Direct Admission

Direct Admission allows you more flexibility regarding the choice of courses in the first year and does not require any rotations. To be directly admitted into the M&I Graduate Program you should directly contact the laboratory of choice from amongst the Faculty of the M&I Graduate Program. With support from that Faculty member you will then apply to the program. Applicants should have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or more (exemptions are possible but rarely given). The process is competitive: The average undergraduate GPA of the last cohort of students accepted to the M&I graduate program was above 3.5.

For the application you will need to submit the following documents to Kim Springer:

  1. CV
  2. Transcripts from undergraduate and, if applicable, any graduate degrees
  3. Personal statement 1-2 pages in length outlining previous research experience and detailing the drive to undertake a PhD in the lab of choice
  4. Letter of recommendation/ commitment from the PI of the chosen lab
  5. 3 other letters of recommendation outlining your aptitude for research

You will then be interviewed by the Executive Committee of the M&I Graduate Program. Upon recommendation by the Executive Committee, a faculty vote for admission will follow.

3. Admission through the MD/PhD program

MD/PhD students can apply for the M&I PhD program after successfully completing the courses for the first two years of Medical School, USMLE Step 1 and an on-topic Capstone Examination. MD/PhD students do 4 rotations (2 during the summer before starting medical school and 2 during the summer between 1st and 2nd year of medical school).

Once a lab has been chosen, they may directly contact Janet Bassett to facilitate admissions. Email:
Phone: 801-585-6408

Regardless of track, students must obtain the Admission to the M&I Graduate Program form (link) signed by the mentor, the student, the Director of Graduate Studies for the M&I Graduate Program (Dr Tracey Lamb), the Division Chief of Microbiology and Immunology (Dr Brian Evavold) and, if applicable, the Chair of the mentor’s department if the mentor is an Adjunct member of the M&I Graduate Program with their primary appointment outside of the Department of Pathology.

Please submit the form through our online application system (link)

Once an advisor has been chosen, the student and the PI should download and fill out the Advisor-Advisee contract form. This form will also require the signatures of any Co-Advisors, the Director of Graduate Studies  (Dr Tracey Lamb), the Division Chief of Microbiology and Immunology (Dr Brian Evavold) and if the Advisor does not have their primary appointment in the Department of Pathology, also the Chair of the Advisor’s primary department. This form should be turned into the Program Administrator, Kim Springer to be added to the student’s file.