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As part of the X+Y schedule, University of Utah Pediatric residents spend every fourth week participating in outpatient experiences. The majority of this time is spent in a general pediatrics primary care practice. In addition, time is spent in longitudinal advocacy, behavior and development, and adolescent experiences. During their PGY2 and PGY3 years, residents are able to use one half day during this week for protected research and scholarly activity time. Residents who train in our triple board or med/peds combined programs have clinics in either a child psychiatric or medicine clinic.

South Main Clinic

The South Main Clinic is our largest LOE site. It is located in the south central part of Salt Lake (3690 S Main St), and primarily provides care for children living in poverty. Residents are the primary care physicians for patients at SMC. They perform well child checks and urgent care visits, work as a part of a Medical Home team, and learn how to help socially and medically complicated patients navigate the health care system.

There are multiple resources for our patients located in the clinic building, including care coordinators, Medicaid eligibility workers, financial counselors, and a WIC office. Since about half of SMC patients/parents speak Spanish, interpreters are available on-site for assistance. Faculty members in this clinic are general pediatricians who also have expertise in behavior and development, adolescent medicine, child abuse, palliative care, and public health.


In addition to providing general well child care, adolescent care, and urgent visits for the General Pediatrics population, residents at SMC provide care to two specialty populations:

  • Immigrant Children with Special Health Care Needs: These patients have medically complex issues in the setting of significant psychosocial needs, and their care is provided with a team that includes physicians, nurses, and case managers.
  • Teenage Mother and Child Program: Care is given with a focus on the particular challenges that teenagers face, such as academic issues, access to affordable contraception, transportation difficulties, and housing problems. Dual mother-child visits are often done in conjunction with nurse midwives.

 There are a lot of opportunities for residents to teach at South Main Clinic, as we are a major placement site for medical, physician assistant, and dental students. The clinic received the University of Utah's Academy of Health Science Educators’ 2020 Interprofessional Education Team Award.  

University Hospital - Pediatric Clinic

The continuity site at the University Hospital - Pediatric Clinic, located in the University Hospital adjacent to Primary Children's Hospital, is a general outpatient clinic that serves a diverse patient population. Residents are matched with pediatric faculty preceptors who supervise teams of four residents. Residents become the primary care providers in this setting and gain close relationships with the families they serve. Patients from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds are seen for well child care, chronic illness, and complex medical problems.


Private Pediatric Practice

Residents who anticipate entering practice careers can consider establishing their continuity clinic in a Private Pediatric Practice site. In this option, residents are paired with experienced community pediatricians in group or small practices in the Salt Lake Valley and adjacent communities. Residents who work in such practices learn directly how private practice works. Residents have the opportunity to see many well children as well as children with acute medical or psychosocial issues.

The clinics are “mentor-based” and are organized so that the residents work in clinics in tandem with their preceptors. The relationship between the residents and their preceptor lasts throughout the residency.