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Internal Medicine Pediatric Program

The combined Internal Medicine/Pediatric Training Program at the University of Utah is an exciting four-year program designed to train physicians with competency in both pediatrics and internal medicine. Our commitment to combined training makes this program an ideal alternative to the traditional family medicine training program. The graduates of this program are a new group of clinicians, the so-called "bridging" subspecialists, with clinical competence in both adult and childhood diseases.

The program is divided into alternating blocks on internal medicine and pediatrics. Rotations are organized throughout the last three years (PGY-2, 3 and 4) of the program such that every third month is an ambulatory/subspecialty rotation which combines both internal medicine and pediatric experiences of a general or subspecialty nature. Related internal medicine and pediatric experiences are scheduled together to facilitate cohesive education.

Longitudinal Outpatient Experiences (LOE) are held two half-days per week through all four years of training. All residents have their half day clinics at the combined med/peds clinic at the University of Utah Health Network Clinics.

The program has an excellent record of educating primary care practitioners in med/peds, as well as preparing graduates for further training. Please also visit the Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Program website.