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Residency Rotation Group 2023


University Red Service

This rotation encompasses the breadth of inpatient rehabilitation diagnosis, with an emphasis on stroke rehabilitation. There is a close collaboration with the Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery and the acute care stroke team which allows integrated rehabilitation care from the time of diagnosis through long-term follow-up. One half day per week is spent in the Stroke Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic.

University Green Service 

This service provides care for individuals with spinal cord injury from within the Salt Lake Valley as well as the entire Intermountain West region. This rotation provides the resident with an in-depth experience in spinal cord injury medicine from the acute care setting in a Level I Trauma Center, to management in a long-term acute care facility. During the rotation, the resident will also gain experience in the rehabilitation management of individuals with other orthopaedic conditions, including spinal decompression and fusion and joint replacement.  

University Blue Service 

This rotation emphasizes both the rehabilitation and medical management of individuals following traumatic and other types of brain injury. In addition, the resident will gain exposure to patients with brain tumors and degenerative neurologic disorders. Topic areas such as amputee rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation, and practice-based learning are also covered. 

University Purple Service 

This rotation provides a comprehensive training experience in the management of acute rehabilitation inpatients in a university, hospital-based rehabilitation unit. 

University Consult  

The residents on this service learn to evaluate and triage individuals with a wide spectrum of diagnoses that require rehabilitation services in a Level I Trauma Center. The rotation focuses on the rehabilitation management of patients while in the acute care setting and developing a working knowledge of post-acute care options for individuals at the time of hospital discharge. The resident works closely with allied health services; referring services including orthopaedics, neurology, neurosurgery and trauma, as well as the rehabilitation admissions team during this rotation. The residents on this rotation also have the opportunity to participate in outpatient neuro-rehabilitation clinics several days per week to gain experience in following these patients long term. 

University Night Shift Service  

This rotation emphasizes care and medical management of patients across the realm of inpatient rehabilitation diagnoses. The resident will gain knowledge and clinical experience in managing the complications of inpatients with dysfunction due to stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, cancer, cardiac disease, orthopaedic and other musculoskeletal disorders, trauma, limb amputation, peripheral vascular disorders, and deconditioning due to medical comorbidities. The resident will manage all acute issues overnight (with attending available for backup). This will be an opportunity for resident to make medical decisions and triage of patients with more autonomy. 

University Senior Service  

This rotation will focus on gaining knowledge in areas of leadership and practice management. The University Senior resident will be supervising more junior residents in the inpatient setting, and providing education for more junior residents. This rotation will allow for advanced training in specialty PM&R clinics. 

University Outpatient Ortho Clinic Rotation 1   

This rotation offers experience in the management of individuals with various acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The emphasis is on sports medicine and obtaining a solid understanding of the biomechanical principles that lead to over-use syndromes and injury. During the rotation, the resident is also provided ample opportunity for hands-on experience performing electrodiagnostic studies and fluoroscopically-guided spinal procedures. Peripheral joint injection experience is also obtained. 

University Outpatient Ortho Clinic Rotation 2   

The resident on this rotation gains experience with a wide variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions with a focus on spine care and rehabilitation. This rotation also offers in-depth training in spine injections and electrodiagnostic studies. 

University Outpatient Neuro Clinic Rotation 2   

The resident on this rotation will obtain a comprehensive training experience in the PM&R neuro-rehabilitation outpatient clinic in a university medical center setting. Rotation will specifically focus on the rehabilitation management of individuals with amputations, spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, and other neurological and orthopaedic conditions. 

University Outpatient EMG Clinic Rotation 4   

This rotation will specifically focus on comprehensive rehabilitation evaluation and management of individuals with neurological and neuromuscular conditions and the performance of electrodiagnostic studies. This rotation will provide the opportunity for residents to advance their skills and independence in performing electrodiagnostic studies while working with a variety of supervising teaching faculty. 

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