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Employer or Overseeing Agency Referrals

Assessment & Referral Services sees individuals referred by their employer who have tested positive for alcohol or drugs, or who have been arrested for a substance related offense.

Some associations may require an assessment for individuals who have past substance-related or mental health problems. Examples include the Utah Bar Association and the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. Often, employees must complete an assessment in order to maintain employment or gain entry into a profession or organization.

Because we do not offer substance use treatment and therefore do not benefit from the results of an assessment, many employers and associations refer to ARS because they know the results will be objective.

Cost of Assessment

Individuals can call our office at (801) 587-2770 to schedule an appointment. You will be asked for payment at the time of scheduling and the payment is due at the time of assessment.

For missed appointments and/or failure to provide a 24 hour notice of assessment cancellation, a $25 reschedule fee will need to be collected by ARS before another appointment will be scheduled. We do not accept checks, American Express, or Discover.

What to Expect

Assessments include:

  • Clinical interview
  • The American Society of Addiction Medicine Placement Criteria
  • Criminal background history (when appropriate)
  • Substance use subtle screening inventory (when appropriate)

Assessments can take as long as two hours. In addition, we will ask you to complete some paperwork when you arrive at our office, so please come early.

During the assessment you will meet with a clinician who will ask you several questions about all aspects of your life. Some of the questions may seem irrelevant, but keep in mind that questions about your childhood, relationships, mental health functioning, and other topics help us determine the best possible referral for you.

Upon completion of the assessment, we will usually immediately inform you of any referral and provide you with information on how to contact the agency where you may be referred.

We will also ask you to sign a release of information so we can provide copies of our written assessment to all concerned individuals (your employer, an association or professional organization, etc.).

Please bring photo ID to the assessment.