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It’s painful to watch someone you love struggle with addiction. If your loved one is an adult who’s refusing treatment, there is often a sense of helplessness, which only enhances the pain.

Our professionals provide concrete guidance tailored toward your specific situation and make suggestions for ways to convince your loved one to come to our clinic. We can determine what type of treatment is necessary, and also persuade your loved one to follow through with the referral.

Often, an individual who is initially unwilling to go to treatment will agree to meet with us because we are not a treatment program. There is a one-time fee, but if we meet face-to-face with you or your loved one, guidance will be ongoing to help you navigate the system of substance abuse treatment as well as move through any barriers.

Be wary of spending hundreds of dollars on an intervention that has little empirical support and can sometimes only alienate and humiliate your loved one.

Who Can be Referred

Examples of individuals who are appropriate for this service include:

  • An adolescent who you think is drinking alcohol or using marijuana, but you're not sure
  • An adult who has an addiction and will not go to treatment
  • An individual who is interested in pursuing treatment but is not in need of a written assessment for legal or other purposes
  • An individual who is becoming concerned about their use of alcohol or drugs and doesn’t know what to do

For information on how families and loved ones can help, please read our guidelines for addiction and treatment.