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Welcome to the Idaho Rural Track in Pocatello, where we have a mission to train community centered psychiatrists who will play an integral role in the development of mental health programs and practices in rural or high need communities where they will be able to use their creativity and passion to develop and fill diverse roles as advocates, consultants and leaders in various mental healthcare settings.

Residents will spend the majority of their first two years in Salt Lake City, UT working alongside fellow residents in the Adult Psychiatry program focusing on mastering skills in general medicine as well as completing required inpatient and some subspecialty psychiatric rotations. Some rotations will be completed in Pocatello.

During years three and four, residents will transition to Pocatello, Idaho where they will continue to refine themselves as psychiatric specialists. During residents third year they will primarily focus on outpatient training with fourth year being dedicated to trainee-specific interests, passions and individualization.

Thank you for your interest in rural psychiatric care. We are certain you will leave this program well-prepared to serve patients in both inpatient or outpatient settings.

Elizabeth Botts, MD

Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Psychiatry

Training Director, Idaho Rural Track

Daisha Orchard, MD

Chief Resident, Idaho Rural Track

Contact Us

Kristine Force
Idaho Track Residency Coordinator
Phone: 208-282-5000


Rich Segura 
Academic Program Manager
Phone: 801-585-0895

Watch this video to learn more about the program!

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