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Our Idaho track residents will spend one month during their PGY-1 in Pocatello to complete an Internal Medicine rotation and again during their PGY-2 year to complete a month of Inpatient Psychiatry.

Idaho Track, 4-Year Program

Year 1 (In SLC)

4 Months 2 Months 6 Months

1 mo U of U Health
1 mo Idaho
1 mo VA IM
1 mo VA IM or U of U Ed

1 mo U of U Health
1 mo VA

Inpatient Psychiatry
1-2 mo must be at VA
1 mo is addiction at UNI

Between medicine, neurology, and psychiatry, ID track residents must spend 4 months at VA

Year 2 (In SLC)

5 Months 1 Month 2 Months

Inpatient Psychiatry
2 mo at VA
1 mo Idaho

Psychiatry (VA)

Consult/Liaison Psychiatry (C/L)
1 mo at VA

2 Months 1 Month 1 Month

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Emergency Psychiatry

Night Float 

ID track residents must spend 4 months at VA
QI project will be completed this year

Year 3
Outpatient clinic at VA- Full day/ week

Selective- full day/ week

Didactics- full day/ week

Health West Consult clinic/ ECHO- half day/ week

Consult Liasion service (Portneuf)- half day/ week

Telepsych Elective- half day/week

Psychotherapy clinic- half day/ week

*Selective choices: private practice in community, Indian Health services, ISU Student Health Clinic

*psychotherapy locations: VA, medical student therapy clinic, Indian Health, Portneuf Valley Family Counseling, ISU Counseling

Year 4

One resident must do C&L half day

Mental Health Integration (MHI) Health West- half day/ week

Psychotherapy- half day/ week

Elective options:

  • Research
  • Crisis psychiatry (Portneuf ED)
  • Jr. Attending (General in Pocatello and Rexburg)
  • Child outpatient (Mental Health Specialists)
  • Women’s Correctional Facility in Pocatello
  • Suboxone Clinic (Health West)
  • The Village, at-risk teen assessment center​​​​​​​

Elizabeth Botts, MD

Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Psychiatry

Training Director, Idaho Rural Track

Daisha Orchard, MD

Chief Resident, Idaho Rural Track

Contact Us

Kristine Force
Idaho Track Residency Coordinator
Phone: 208-282-5000


Rich Segura 
Academic Program Manager
Phone: 801-585-0895

Watch this video to learn more about the program!

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