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MRI Technologist Program: Prerequisites and Tuition


University of Utah Health Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences offers two pathway options for interested candidates:

Post-Primary Pathway:

To be eligible for the MRI Technologist Program post-primary path, you must have successfully passed one or more of the following certification categories or will have completed the exam by the start of the program:

  • Radiography (ARRT)
  • Radiation Therapy (ARRT)
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology (ARRT or NMTCB)  

Primary Pathway:

To be eligible for the MRI Technologist Program primary path, you must have obtained at least an associate’s degree by the start of the program session you’re applying for.  In addition, you must have successfully completed the following courses with a C grade or better:

  • MATH 1010 - Algebra
  • BIOL 2325 – Human Anatomy w/Lab (cadaver) 
  • PHYS 1010 – General Physics 

For those applying with the primary pathway, our program will also require a minimum of 80 hours of experience in a clinical healthcare setting.  This can be from volunteer work or from employment.  The work should involve direct patient care/interactions and work with other healthcare staff (nursing, MA, physicians, etc.)

Students will be selected based on predictors of the student’s ability to successfully complete the program, pass the MR examination, and become a productive employee in the MR field. Selected applicants must be currently certified in CPR and be able to document appropriate immunizations. Final admission for selected students is contingent upon successful completion of a criminal background check and drug screening.

The program admits approximately five students to begin each January and July; students are selected from an applicant pool and can reapply for the following session if they are not admitted. See our How to Apply page for more information.  

A Note on Observations

An observation in MRI is not required in order for you to apply, however, you may wish to gain this experience. See our Observation Experience page for more details.


UPDATE: Tuition for the 2022 program sessions is $4,000.00.  Tuition payment plans are available as follows: 

  • Payment in full by first week of the program
  • 2 payments: 1st payment due first week of program, final payment due 3 months following start of program.
  • 3 payments: 1st payment due first week of program with 2nd & 3rd payments due 3rd and 5th months of program.

Note: There are no federal loans, PELL grants or international student visas available for this program.

Additional Fees

The following are approximate costs and are subject to changes:

  • Lab coats/Scrubs: $100.00
  • Parking pass: $270.00 (This amount will be prorated to cover the months you attend the program)
  • Textbooks: $300.00
  • ARRT examination: $150.00 (ARRT-registered candidates) $300.00 (NMTCB-registered candidates)


Scholarships for educational expenses are not available through the University.

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