2017-18 md phd student group photo

MD-PhD Program

Welcome to the University of Utah School of Medicine MD-PhD program. Our program is designed to provide an outstanding education for students who want to develop skills that will prepare them for a career as a physician-scientist. The objective of the program is to develop superb clinical skills and provide rigorous scientific training. It is also designed for individuals who are devoted to careers in academic medicine at either a medical school or research institute.

Janet Bassett, Program Manager
MD-PhD Training Program
University of Utah School of Medicine
26 South 2000 East, Room 3650 HSEB
Salt Lake City, UT  84112
801-585-6408 phone

Ideal Setting

The medical campus at the University of Utah provides an ideal setting for students of the MD-PhD Training Program 

  • Academic support from the university's renowned faculty at the School of Medicine and other participating departments,
  • Multi-faceted research institutes supported by the highest caliber technology available, and
  • A beautiful surrounding community offering both an urban setting and spectacular outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Program grants both the MD and PhD degrees to students meeting the requirements of the medical school, the graduate program, and the MD-PhD curriculum. It will generally take seven to nine years to complete.

Program History

This program began in 1993 when three medical students participating in the Medical Student Research Program were interested in starting an MD-PhD Program. Those students were the first alumni of the program, graduating in 2000.