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Pager Fee

Pagers are required for 3rd and 4th year medical students. Each student is required to have a way to receive pages (for July 1st through June 30th). There is a minimal charge for paging services, which is included in your cost of attendance, but must be paid annually. 

The following two pager options are available:

1. Cellphone (preferred option):

Regardless of carrier or area code, your phone can be set up to receive pages. To set up your phone, email

2. Pagers

Purchase a pager. You will receive an email when you pager arrives, they will be available for pick up at the Student Affairs Front Office, located at 27 South Mario Capecchi Drive on the first floor in the north west corner.

Please contact the Student Affairs Office with questions regarding paging options at 801-581-2711 or


Shelf Exam Fees

Shelf exams are standardized exams given to all medical students in the country at the end of most clerkships. Pay your shelf exam fee.


USMLE Step 1 Practice Test w/ Expanded Feedback Fee

The Learning Resource Center provides three NBME Self-Assessments w/ regular feedback to assist students in Step 1 study. By paying the difference in the costs between the expanded feedback version and the regular feedback version, students will be provided 1-3 self-assessments w/ expanded feedback. The difference in cost per Self-Assessment is $15.

The self-assessments have to be pre-ordered. Students cannot use the regular feedback vouchers the UUSOM has purchased toward the cost of the expanded feedback version. A deadline will be provided as to when students have to notify the Learning Resource Center of their desire to pay the difference for the expanded feedback version. The self-assessments will be ordered on student's behalf by the Learning Resource Center.

Pay your NBME Self-Assessment fee.