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Based on our dual role of providing surgeons for the Intermountain West and offering outstanding professional development opportunities, our program has a set number of residents that can enter into a two-year, one-year, or zero-year research program. This allows for flexibility for residents, especially as interests change.

The current structure is:

  • 2 years: 2 residents
  • 1 year: 3 residents
  • 0 years: 1 resident

A question that always arises is, What happens if more than X number of residents want Y number of years?

There is a process for this which involves residents submitting proposals. Those proposals are reviewed and edited, after which our research committee makes determinations as to how much time would match the proposal. This system has worked out very well as it involves the residents writing and editing a proposal, much like a grant, and really crystalizes how much time is needed to achieve the resident’s desired result.