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Conducting Research at the University of Utah

What We Can Do For You

Pre- and post-award grants and contracts support--from proposal submission to annual reporting to project closeout.

Serve as a liaison with other departments, institutions, and research offices.

Serve as a source of information about institutional research resources and regulations.

Clinical research guidance, including and other compliance support.

Clinical research coordinator support.

Research Admin

A Simplified Process for Conducting Research at the University of Utah

  • Develop a research question from an idea or observation
  • Perform a scoping literature review to ensure novelty
  • Refine your research question and consider the funding stream
    • identify experts in field and discuss your idea with them
  • Decide on the appropriate research study design
    • decide on the appropriate study design and statistical analysis
    • work with Dr. Pace or SDBC
    • consider feasibility and ethical aspects
    • think about the sampling and recruitment
    • identify the additional input you may need from a statistician, health economist, methodology expert etc.
  • Write the research proposal
  • Confirm the costing of the project
    • think through the logistics of your research
  • Submit your research application
  • Obtain ethical approval
    • IRB approval can take weeks to months
  • Prepare for data management before collecting and collating the data
    • design data collection forms and develop a database (Dr. Pace/SDBC)
    • follow the protocol and guidelines
    • think about the data protection and confidentiality
    • follow GCP SOPs
  • Analyze the data and interpret findings
    • perform data analysis
    • work with Dr. Pace or SDBC
    • interpret findings
    • compare your findings with the relevant published evidence
    • clarify how your research findings can be put into clinical practice
  • Reporting and dissemination
    • write a research report
    • follow relevant reporting guidelines
    • present at conferences or seminars
    • write a scientific paper for a peer-reviewed journal

Research Admin Team


Robli Kennedy

Administrative Assistant


Robli Kennedy joined the Department of Anesthesiology in 2016 after serving as the Hospital Lodging Coordinator at the University Guest House for four years. Prior to coming to the University of Utah Robli worked in customer service and was self-employed for 16 years.


Robli serves the department as an administrative assistant to clinical research faculty and the Simulation Center. She performs accounting, project reconciliation, project tracking, and data tracking and report creation.


Picture of Juston Rawlings

Juston Rawlings

Data Analyst


Juston Rawlings has a BS in Business information Systems from UVU and over 13 years experience in extracting data and creating reports from databases in both HR systems and the University Hospital system. 


Juston is in charge of the Department Pulse site, design, and hosting, and is the department contact for RedCAP and hospital LMS training. Juston is in charge of data extraction from hospital databases for research projects and performs photo editing, creates flowcharts including organizational charts, records lectures on video, edits videos and lectures, and performs apple product troubleshooting.


Research Vice Chair

Ken B. Johnson, MD, MS

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