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Industry Advisory Board Charter


Biomedical informatics is an applied science that is practiced in academic, industry and government settings.  The informatics field benefits from strong and vibrant interaction among all these entities.  Likewise, biomedical informatics students benefit from interaction with industry as they prepare for their future careers.  The University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) Industry Advisory Board (IAB) plays a vital role in linking industry and academia.  Members of the IAB are professionals in industry and government who are committed to advancing the informatics field.  They collaborate with DBMI through advising the academic program, sponsoring events, and providing learning experiences for students. 


Mission Statement

Building relationships between industry and academics to advance biomedical informatics.

The DBMI IAB has the following primary objectives

  • To ensure that the curriculum and instructional programs within the DBMI at UofU is of the highest quality and trains graduates who are marketable.
  • To support students in their transition to becoming professionals.
  • To advance collaboration.
  • To provide opportunities for students to do internships in industry.
  • To connect partners for employment.
  • To raise visibility of the DBMI in the commercial sector.

Opportunities for Industry Participation

  • Bimonthly “Business of Biomedical Informatics” seminars
  • DBMI IABtalks event sponsorship and participation
  • Internship Matching Program
  • Practicums
  • Tailored Executive Education
  • Advertising for jobs
  • Sponsored Research Projects
  • Student Career Advising and Mentoring

Key IAB Events

  • IABtalks networking events: April and October
  • Meetings of the IAB steering committee: two per year
  • Meetings of the full IAB: annually
  • Strategic planning retreat for IAB Steering Committee: annually (to take the place of one of the quarterly meetings)
Participation in the DBMI IAB by local, national, and international employers results in positive outcomes for both the department and the members of the IAB.

Industry Partners

Interact with a steady pipeline of well-prepared and top-notch graduates

Evaluate potential future employees through regularly scheduled networking events, internships, practicums, collaborative projects, business seminars, and classroom interactions

Collaborate with respected academic research teams that can complement their internal R&D resources

Partner with faculty who can provide both technical expertise and insight into cutting-edge informatics directions and innovations

Network with other leaders in the field of biomedical informatics, health care delivery, and analytics


Students gain a broader perspective from internship & practicum opportunities, as well as from exposure to real-world project management, teamwork, and customer oriented development.

Students receive mentoring from industry representatives in support of their career planning and preparation.

The department gains insight into industry needs and trends, ensuring the currency of the curriculum and degrees and thereby the positive enrollment and marketability of the department's programs.

The department gains from financial and in-kind contributions in support of the DBMI mission.

Faculty gain industry perspective on important issues and trends in applied biomedical informatics.

Cost of Membership

$1,000 for a one-year membership. Membership may be renewed every year. Membership includes a table at each of our IABtalks events at no additional charge.

Only IAB members may be the main sponsor at an IABtalks event at an additional cost of $5,000. This includes providing the Keynote Speaker and choosing the topic for the speaker.

In lieu of a table at an event, DBMI can facilitate other face-to-face opportunities with our students and faculty.

Government entities are exempt from the annual fee. However, meaningful contributions to the DBMI in other ways are strongly encouraged.

    Purpose: Two-way information sharing between DBMI and IAB members. Includes presentations, reports, open discussions. Gives input and communicates suggestions to Steering committee.


    • Full Board members:
      • 30+ industry partners
    • Full board is expected and encouraged to actively participate in IAB events throughout the year.
    • Topic and themes to be addressed:
      • Masters curriculum review and feedback
      • Reporting of IAB metrics and progress on strategic plan and events
      • Reporting of DBMI accomplishments and challenges
      • Solicitation of ideas and speakers for “Business of Informatics” seminars
      • Review of current IAB-student opportunities including practica, internships, and Harvey Mudd-style clinics
        • Reporting on successes
        • recruiting companies to participate
      • Review of Executive education by DBMI faculty
        • Presentation of DBMI offerings
        • Solicit feedback and ideas from companies regarding their recruiting needs
      • Support for graduates in finding employment
        • Report on successes
        • Solicit feedback and ideas from companies regarding their recruiting needs
      • Contract research and consulting
        • Presentation of DBMI capabilities
        • Solicit feedback and ideas from companies regarding their R&D and consulting needs

    Purpose: Governs, invites and approves new IAB members, reviews DBMI academic programs, and facilitates DBMI fundraising.


    • Steering Committee composition:
      • 6-8 industry partner representatives
      • Two current DBMI faculty
      • DBMI Chair
      • DBMI administrative support person
      • Two student representatives – 1 MS student and 1 Phd student
    • Steering committee leadership
      • Led by two industry partner representatives acting as chair, and co-chair of the IAB. They are elected by the full steering committee every two years.
    • Steering Committee members serve a three-year term and can serve one additional term if requested.
    • Topics and themes to be addressed:
      • Strategic planning for IAB
      • Goal setting, collection of metrics, tracking of progress
      • Strategy, planning, and execution of recruitment of additional IAB members
      • Plan and set agendas for full IAB meetings
      • Plan, prepare for, and review IABtalks event program, sponsorships, etc.
      • Review progress on all activities, including clinics, internships, practicums, Executive Education, “Business of Biomedical Informatics” seminars, etc.