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Community Partners (The Hub)

Biomedical and Health Informatics Hub (The Hub)


The University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) plays a vital role in bringing together the broader informatics community through the Biomedical and Health Informatics Hub (The Hub). Members are professional organizations in biomedical and health informatics who are committed to advancing the informatics field through collaborations with DBMI via advising on academic programs, providing learning experiences for students, and participating in engagement opportunities and key events. 

Mission Statement

The University of Utah Biomedical and Health Informatics Hub catalyzes an ecosystem within the broader informatics community to advance education, research, and career development of professionals in biomedical and health informatics. 


  • Increase visibility of biomedical and health informatics within the broader community.   
  • Provide community partners with access to academic expertise through collaboration and sponsored research. 
  • Cultivate a leading edge, real-world-relevant educational environment 
  • Identify practicum and preceptorship opportunities for students with community partners. 
  • Establish and strengthen recruitment pipelines. 
  • Provide faculty with community perspective on important issues and trends in applied biomedical and health informatics. 
  • Inform curriculum through feedback from community partners. 
  • Support the training of future professionals and leaders in biomedical and health informatics. 

Engagement Opportunities

  • Bimonthly “Business of Biomedical Informatics” seminars 
  • DBMI networking events 
  • Practicums/internship matching program 
  • Career advising and coaching 
  • Influence on DBMI’s curriculum 
  • Collaboration with sponsored research projects 
  • Recruitment and promotion 

Key Events

  • External networking events: April and October 
  • Annual full membership meeting 
Membership in the DBMI IAB provides ARUP Laboratories with the kind of access to top biomedical informatics talent and expertise that we need in order to stay on the leading edge of diagnostic laboratory testing. Diving deeper into this broad commercial and academic community also gives us valuable market insights.
Brian Jackson MD, Medical Director, IT, Business Development and Support Services, ARUP Laboratories