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University of Utah Resident Wellness Initiatives 2023-2024

Resident mentorship and leadership training:

  • Current initiatives:
    • Mentorship program through Dr. Klein identifying academic interests and potential faculty mentors for incoming residents
      • Would like to make this a more official/permanent part of residency orientation
    • Department resident research grants for academic projects
    • Dedicated time for research/academic pursuits tailored to residents
    • Semi-annual meetings with Program Directors
    • Resident travel/conference policy
  • Other ideas/Action items:
    • Pairing up incoming PGY2 derm residents with a specific chief (get coffee, go out to lunch, etc.) as a “mentor” so first year derm residents have a go-to person when starting residency

Stocking resident environments with food and snacks:

  • Current initiatives:
    • Weekly Tuesday lunches for didactics
    • Semi-monthly lunches at the VA for path review conference
    • Fridge purchased for resident room
    • PCH meal money
    • UofU call meal money
    • Candy drawer
  • Other ideas/Action items:
    • Stocking resident fridge weekly with drinks/healthy snacks
    • Coffee maker or water/ice machine in resident room

Resources that support resident’s mental, emotional, and physical health: 

  • Current initiatives:
    • GME wellness resources
    • Mindfulness-based stress reduction course through GME
    • Flexibility in clinic schedules to make and attend doctor appointments
    • Generous maternity/paternity leave
  • Other ideas/Action items:
    • CBT training with psych residents
    • ACT psycho-education session with Amy Armstrong
    • Enneagram training with Drs. Jamie Rhoads and Julia Curtis

Resident bonding and comradery:

  • Current initiatives:
    • Annual resident retreat in fall
    • Extracurricular activities: paddle boarding, yoga, skiing
  • Other ideas/Action items:
    • Program SWAG: specifically, group jackets for the residents
    • Evening cooking course 


Sources for general resident wellness curriculum/programs:

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The date we will begin accepting applications for the 2024 Match (for positions that will begin July 2025) is September 1, 2023 The deadline for applications is October 15, 2023.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our program, please contact Anna Williams, Academic Coordinator, Dermatology at

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