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FAQ's about MPH Online

    Yes. Each program will have its own application with its own application fee through SOPHAS and the University of Utah Slate application systems. Please note that if you apply and are accepted to the Online MPH program, you are an online student and cannot register for in-person courses and vice versa.

    Tuition fees will be a flat rate for all resident students, non-resident students, and international students (besides the required international fees apart from the tuition itself). No differential. Estimated tuition (subject to change without notice is $698.63 per credit hour.

    Yes. The course codes have not been created for Fall 2024 as of now, but the online course codes will be different than the in-person course codes.

    Yes. Permission codes will be required to register for online courses.

    Yes. The Learning Abroad will be an elective course for the Online MPH students if they choose to go.

    Yes. All prerequisites will be the same for the Online MPH and MPH. The requirements include College Algebra (1050) or higher (e.g., Algebra II, Calculus, or Statistics) with a grade of B or better. The GRE is not required but is recommended for applicants who have not completed College Algebra (1050) or higher with a grade of B or better or earned a terminal degree (M.D. or Ph.D.) in the U.S. Scores no older than five years will be accepted.

    Yes, there is a $100 seat fee that goes to all programs in the division – which will apply to the online program as well.

    Yes, the courses will be asynchronous, which will help with the flexibility so many students need.