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The mission of the Department of Family & Preventive Medicine research team is to expand the possibilities of health through discovering the determinants of health and developing evidence to improve health.

Our current research strategy involves the following goals and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Relevant, and Timely) key initiatives:

Goal 1: Grow extramural research funding, with renewed emphasis on quality proposals and collaborative projects, to create a pathway to one or more new center grants
Key Initiatives: 

  • Improve funding rate for federal proposal submissions 
  • Identify 2 potential center grant themes, with partners/teams, agencies/mechanisms
  • Increase the number of investigators with R01 or equivalent funding (as PI or MPI) 

Goal 2: Increase involvement of career-line faculty in scholarship and research
Key Initiatives: 

  • Develop research and scholarship skills in career-line faculty 
  • Increase number of career-line faculty with at least one peer-reviewed publication
  • Increase number of career-line faculty on funded research projects 

Goal 3: Develop and implement effective dissemination and recognition strategies for DFPM research and researchers 
Key Initiatives: 

  • Increase public research profile within the University of Utah and nationally by developing a sustainable, ongoing research dissemination strategy 
  • Increase public research profile within the University of Utah and nationally by nominating faculty for award/honor opportunities and placing faculty on professional panels/study sections

 The research strategy of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences Research Unit can be viewed here.